Work and Life – Energy Insights

Striking a balance between a busy job and the world outside work can be challenging.  Finding a healthy equilibrium can be no small feat, but here are few goals we strive for.   

Prioritizing family and friends. Several COMPASS staff have young children and can find the balancing act simultaneously energy giving and energy draining. “It can be like a threading a needle sometimes because you can’t get one without the other,” says Erica.  Kids or not, making space for connecting outside of work is critical. Heather Reiff has recently started incorporating personal events into her work calendar, “Remembering that later I’ll be meeting up with friends or going to dinner gets me reenergized and refocused – it gives me something to look forward to.”

Focusing on the physical. Many of us draw energy from carving out time exercise and spend time outdoors. Brooke prioritizes 30-45 minutes of outside time to break up the workday: “I go for a run in the middle of the day and then eat lunch at my desk. If I don’t get outside and move my body, I’m not as productive. I find that I can accomplish more in less time after I have that time away from my desk.” Karen echoes Brooke, “Running is good for the body and soul.” Heather Galindo also prioritizes a refreshing mid-day walk outside and adds, “I’m a big believer in snacks.” For Erica, this means getting in her early morning boot-camp workouts (5:30-6:30am!) “Feeling like I have time to myself and a chance to push my body gives me a more grounded start to my work day. Even if it means less sleep, it has been a tradeoff that’s worthwhile,” she says.

Following an inner muse. Creativity can be invigorating. Karen gains a lot of energy through artistic expression, especially with her kids. She also enjoys an “intermittent mediation practice, which is super helpful to tap back into that place of calm at other times during the day.” Erin enjoys teaching and photography, and often volunteers to teach canoeing classes for kids. She often combines her hobbies by taking pictures of kids playing and enjoying the outdoors.