Making Peace With Self Promotion


I prepare for writing projects as if they are adventures, so when I sat down to write a book chapter this spring, I was excited. The topic was self-promotion in social media, for the forthcoming The Complete Guide to Science Blogging, made possible by an NASW Ideas Grant. My coffee was hot, my playlist was inspired, and my background research had me buzzing… but before I started writing, I first saved the tweet I would post when I submitted: [Read more…]

Tackling “Tweet This Maybe?”: How-To & Resources


This post is a follow-up to Monday’s story of how a single tweet can make a difference in the total audience of a blog post.

When I open Google and begin to type “How to promote yourself,” the very first hit is: “How to promote yourself (without being sleazy).” My first page of results also includes “How to promote yourself without being a jerk,” and, “How to promote yourself without talking about yourself.” Suffice to say that if the prospect of having to work at getting your work seen and shared feels uncomfortable, you are in good company.

Most of us wish our work would be discovered and discussed by its own merits. Unfortunately, thanks to the pace and sheer volume of conversations online, that’s not how it actually goes. So, you can keep wishing the world worked differently, or you can accept that, for most of us, the discomfort of self-promotion is the price of visibility. As I wrote on Monday: “It’s better to think of this promotion as standing up for your ideas. Are they worth it? Then go to work for them.”

So how do you do that, exactly? [Read more…]

“So Tweet This, Maybe?” – Promoting Your Work In Social Media


Some people are easier to ignore than others. At an animated 6’6”, freelance writer Erik Vance is hard to miss in a crowd, and impossible to ignore when he’s poking your shoulder at the AAAS meeting, asking why you haven’t tweeted his latest story. My friend, you see, was finally ready to “get into this whole twitter thing.”

The truth was, even though the Last Word on Nothing is a blog I love, and he’s a writer I tend to follow, I hadn’t read it. In fact, I didn’t know the post existed. [Read more…]