Why Did The Scientist Cross The Road?

Although crossing the road can be a daunting task, is it made easier by the company of colleagues, some infrastructure to guide the way, and the promise new opportunities on the other side.
CC BY-SA-NC-SA by Khaz on flickr

During the past few weeks I had the opportunity to attend two conferences that had related themes and took place literally across the street from each other, but in other ways were worlds apart. First was the Ecological Society of America’s Annual Meeting (#ESA2014), which was dominated by ecological scientists sharing their research. The following week, government officials, land managers, city planners, and NGO representatives met at the first ever California Adaptation Forum (#CAF14). While both conferences explored the possibility of finding solutions by forging new connections, there was still clearly a gap between those talking about the latest research on one side of the street and those trying to figure out how to implement it on the other. [Read more…]

Embracing Change To Stay Relevant

Juliet Eilperin interacts with scientists at a COMPASS training. She recently announced she'll be leaving the environment desk to cover the White House for the Washington Post.

I once heard healthy organizations are constantly changing. This means effective leaders are not only agents of change but are also change managers. As the Executive Director of a science communication organization, this philosophy has become a mantra for me as I strive to keep our organization healthy. Because we operate at the nexus of the quickly moving worlds of science, media and policy, recognizing that embracing and adapting to change is the norm means that it’s OK that this is part of our daily work too. Embracing change has liberated me. [Read more…]

10/5 Weekly Link Round-Up

Photo courtesy of ‘Ravages’ via Flickr

We’re back on schedule with the weekly link round-up! Last week several COMPASS staff were at the Ocean in a High CO2 World Symposium, and, prior to the symposium, COMPASS led an Ocean Acidification Communication Workshop. Nancy Baron, inspired by the symposium and workshop, spoke about the urgency ocean acidification data gives scientists to speak up in her latest blog, Hot, Sour, and Breathless.  This week’s link round-up features only a small portion of articles that were either inspired by the COMPASS workshop or the symposium itself:

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