About Heather Reiff

Heather Reiff is the Science Policy Coordinator at COMPASS. She lives and works in Oregon, and draws inspiration from her local surroundings, as well as pictures and dreams of past and future travels. Her previous life as a dive instructor provides many underwater pictures to help fuel that inspiration.

Link Round-Up- Shutdown Edition

Hello link round-up readers! Thank you for visiting us on Fridays to check out what we at COMPASS have been reading, listening to, and chuckling about. The government shutdown is in the news all around us this week, which makes it a fitting time to let you know about a shutdown of our own. Unrelated to the goings on in the federal government, COMPASS’ Friday link roundup will shut down this fall. Our blog will remain vibrant as ever, so please continue visiting our new posts on Mondays and follow our @COMPASSonline tweet stream throughout the week for up-to-date communications on what we’re reading.

Check out the links below to explore what the government shutdown means for science. [Read more…]

10/4/13 Link Round-Up

Swim with Galapagos sea lions in Google Earth!

Happy October! This month is off to quite a historic start with the government shutdown, but that hasn’t stopped us from pulling together some great reads for you this week. If you’re not working, you may enjoy virtually exploring the Galápagos Islands, finding out how hot the world is projected to get during your lifetime, or doing some armchair travel with a young ocean acidification scientist. Actually, you’ll probably enjoy all of that, and more, even if you are working… [Read more…]

9/27/2013 Link Round-Up

Happy Friday! If you attended the Sackler Colloquia on the Science of Science Communication like several of the  COMPASS staff, you’re probably overflowing with ideas also. We left feeling inspired and look forward to sharing some posts with you with our take-aways and insights in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please enjoy what we’ve rounded up for you this week, including fire science, Darwin’s finches, citizen science, and more. [Read more…]

9/20/13 Link Round-Up

Happy Friday, everyone! We have a very full and interesting link round-up for you this week, including several articles covering the changing chemistry of oceans and rivers, whale ear wax, Tamu Massif updates, moon illusions, and more. We hope you enjoy, learn something new, and have a fantastic weekend! [Read more…]

9/13/13 Link Round-Up

The Link Round-Up is back from vacation and we have lots of interesting and exciting things to share with you! There’s a video about the Sackler Colloquium, a new paper and infographic about how Twitter is changing research, the world’s largest volcano, a multimedia piece on sea level rise, and more below! [Read more…]

8/23/13 Link Round-Up

Happy Friday, everyone! We have quite the variety for you below, featuring events from ScienceOnline Climate, amazing animal videos (pufferfish nests and frozen frogs, anyone?), and an article on why some scientists may communicate with the media more than others. [Read more…]

8/16/2013 Link Round-Up

It’s that day of the week where we round up some of our favorite internet reads for our Link Round-Up readers! This week we have a lot on making science easy to understand through great writing or data visualization. I love data visualization in particular because a lot of creativity can come into play and make an otherwise obscure piece or body of information really easy to understand and accessible. Enjoy what we have for you below: [Read more…]

8/9/13 Link Round-Up

Happy Friday, everyone! How is it August 9th already? If you’re like us at COMPASS, you’ve been using the summer to catch up on the big picture thinking and tasks that just don’t happen during the “busy season.” Unfortunately the “busy season” is rapidly approaching! We’ve rounded up some links we’ve been enjoying this week, taking you from big picture discussions on scientists and advocacy, to the myths and realities of science communication, to an update in the Henrietta Lacks story, and more. [Read more…]

7/26/13 Link Round-Up

It’s Friday and that can only mean it’s time again for COMPASS to round up our top reads from this week. We have quite the assortment – featuring a new fishing net design, the sounds of a iceberg, and big, bad poison ivy – all linked for you below: [Read more…]

7/19/13 Link Round-Up

TGIF link round-up readers! We have a lot of great links below to help round-off your week. Covering topics such as protective habitats, time management, evolution in the face of climate change, and more, we’d like to share we’ve been reading throughout the week: [Read more…]