2016 August Recess

At COMPASS, in addition to valuing scientists, connections, engagement, generosity, the environment, and working hard, we also value passion and balance. Because the pace and pulse of our work often reflects the pace of the academic and political calendars, August provides a chance for many of us to catch our breath. The blog will be taking a break too, and will be back after Labor Day!

If you need some COMPASS science communication tips during our recess, here are some of our go-to resources:

The Message Box. Our most fundamental tool. No matter who you’re preparing to communicate with, this is a powerful way to distill what you know and why it matters for your particular audience.

Meeting with a policymaker?
Heading to Capitol Hill? Learn what to expect.
Invited to give Congressional testimony? Read this.
Dreading being asked “What should we do?” Here’s more about the agony of the ask.
Not sure how to get started, what to share, or how to share it? This can help.

About to engage with the media?
Reaching out to journalists? Here’s a primer.
Got a radio interview? Consider these tips.
Thinking about writing an op-ed? Read this first. 
Working on a press release? Here are some journalists’ do’s and don’ts.

Perhaps most importantly, what kind of communicator should you be? Yourself. Learn why we think so.

Also,  check out our own mini documentary. With generous support from the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, we collaborated with Micro-Documentaries to produce a short film about what we do, and why we do it.

Happy Summer!


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