About Us: Kelly Reardon

Kelly Reardon is COMPASS’ new Director of Finance and Administration. He’s been hard at work helping us to prepare and execute our transition to an independent nonprofit, and is based in our Portland, OR office. Before joining COMPASS, Kelly worked for Sustainable Northwest, a nonprofit in Portland, OR that restores rivers, rangelands, and forests in the region, working with communities to find sustainable solutions for people and nature. During Kelly’s 17 years at Sustainable Northwest, he filled many roles, from Finance Manager to Vice President and CFO.

More on Kelly:

What is your role at COMPASS?

To manage and oversee all of our financial systems, from paying bills to budgets, to making sure everyone has benefits and payroll is taken care of. Basically all things finance related. KellyReardon_2016Then I also manage and help navigate any HR issues that might arise. As part of the transition, this includes helping Brooke and the rest of the leadership team come up with all of the various policies, from vacation and family leave to how we pay for cell phones. Finally, I’m part of the team that handles all the back-office administrative tasks, and because of my background, I can offer thoughts and ideas around our technology tools like the website, CRM or other tools that help us do our work.

Moving forward, I’ll be part of the overall strategic thinking team, to help manage annual planning budgeting along with longer-term growth strategies. It is also up to me to work with Brooke to make sure the board gets the financial information and updates that they need to make the best decisions for the organization.

How did you wind up at COMPASS?

Random chance and meeting the right people at the right time! To be honest I wasn’t really looking to leave my previous job, but things just fell into place and after meeting Brooke and the COMPASS team it just felt like the right move. Joining COMPASS seemed like a great way to build on my experience and skills, while also providing new challenges and opportunities.

What excites you most about working here?

The team and mission are really great and the organization feels like it is poised to grow and take on some exciting new opportunities. I’m also excited to do something new and different, but that builds on the skills and knowledge I’d already developed with another great team at Sustainable Northwest. COMPASS’ transition to independence offers a great opportunity to use what I know to create systems and tools that, I hope, will really help the team grow while reducing the administrative burden and allow us all to make good, informed financial decisions.

When you’re not supporting COMPASS’ mission from the inside out, what do you like to do?

It’s nice to get out from behind a computer screen and do something productive in the yard and garden. I also attempt to play classical guitar, but I haven’t been practicing nearly enough lately. Of course the usual Northwest stuff—getting out in the woods, spending time on the east side of the mountains in Oregon. Since both my wife and I grew up here, we also have family and friends in town, so lots of visiting. Then it’s everything from watching old movies to reading to the occasional video game. And once the fall rolls around again, football!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t be afraid of taking risks. If you see an opportunity, an opening in your organization or anywhere, don’t be afraid to ask to fill that role. When I was at Sustainable Northwest, the financial director left. As we were thinking about how to fill the role, I stepped in and said ‘Hey, I could do this’ and they took a risk on me and it paid off. Of course, you have to do it really well! But don’t be afraid of trying something new.} else {