NACCB 2016 Journalist Fellowship

We are very pleased to announce that COMPASS will be supporting travel fellowships for journalists to attend the third biennial North American Congress for Conservation Biology (NACCB) in Madison, Wisconsin this July. The theme for this conference is Communicating Science for Conservation Action, and will emphasize the need for effective communication across communities and fields of practice in conservation science. The 2014 NACCB conference drew over 1,000 participants to Missoula, Montana for field trips, symposia, trainings, workshops and short courses.

Panelists from the 2014 NACCB Opening Plenary 'Conservation Tapas: Small Bites of Big Issues'

Panelists from the 2014 NACCB Opening Plenary “Conservation Tapas: Small Bites of Big Issues.” Photo credit: Megan Dearden.

For the 2014 NACCB, COMPASS provided journalists from a broad range of backgrounds and media with transportation and accommodation to attend the conference. While there, they heard the latest science and made the connections that led ultimately to the publication of over 30 articles about conservation science and scientists. We are excited to be able to partner with the NACCB conference organizers to provide this opportunity again.

We will kick off the conference with “Communicating For Conservation Action: Meet the Journalists At NACCB”, a lively panel of journalists who will share their insights and discuss some of the urgent questions, real-world challenges, and emerging opportunities to get conservation science into society’s conversations. The NACCB 2016 Journalist Fellows will also introduce themselves at the conclusion of the panel, so that conference attendees can put names to faces and say hello at the reception following the panel. The goal is to turn the tables so that the scientists approach the journalists, rather than journalists pursuing the scientists.

Opportunities for the fellows to mingle with scientists will be arranged throughout the conference, with COMPASS staff on hand to help facilitate introductions and broker connections. For additional information about the conference, please visit the conference website. For more on COMPASS at the 2014 NACCB conference, please see here, here, and here.


Fellowships will be awarded to professional reporters, editors, and science writers from print, broadcast, and online outlets. Award amounts will be based on point of origin, need, and the availability of other support. Due to funding constraints, we can only consider applications from North American journalists for this opportunity. The total number of fellowships offered will depend upon available funding.

Click here for a downloadable PDF.

Click here for a downloadable PDF.

How to Apply:

The application period has been extended to April 15th, 2016.

Email [email protected] by April 15th with:

  1. A brief cover letter including why you would like to attend NACCB 2016, which themes you hope to pursue, and an overview of your outlet(s) and 
  2. A brief résumé or CV (link is fine)
  3. Three published clips or samples of your work (URLs, PDFs, or multimedia files are fine)
  4. Complete contact information, including email, phone number, blog and website URLs, Twitter username, and mailing address



What expenses does the fellowship cover?

COMPASS will cover three nights of shared accommodation (checking in Sunday, July 17 and checking out Wednesday, July 20; private rooms available upon request, fellow will be responsible for the difference in cost) at the Hilton Madison – Monona Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin, and will provide a travel stipend. COMPASS will also provide a $50 per diem.

What is the duration of the fellowship?

Fellows are expected to arrive in Madison, Wisconsin by 3 p.m. the afternoon of Sunday, July 17, in order to attend the opening plenary, and to stay until Wednesday, July 20.

What other journalist fellowships has COMPASS hosted?

This will be our eighth fellowship. COMPASS has hosted journalist fellowships to support reporters attending the Society for Marine Mammalogy’s 21st Biennial Conference in 2015, the 2014 North American Congress for Conservation Biology, the 2001 and 2008 International Coral Reef Symposia, the 2009 and 2011 International Marine Conservation Congresses, and the 2012 Third International Symposium on the Ocean in a High CO2 World.

When will you announce the fellowship recipients?

The deadline for submission is April 15th. We will announce the fellowship recipients mid-May.

Additional questions? Please contact Sarah Sunu at [email protected]

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