Want To Work At COMPASS?

Many of us on the COMPASS team get asked “What’s your favorite thing about working at COMPASS?” The initial response is always the same: “Just ONE thing? Yikes, that’s hard.” But when we get down to it, I hear two consistent answers:

The people. Our teammates. The scientists we support. The networks we connect them to, especially journalists and policymakers. We are people people.

The work. Making a difference in the world. Knowing that you helped support scientists to find their ‘so what’ and find their voiceto share both their insights and their passion.  Being part of society’s journey to help people and environment thrive. Figuring out what it really means to be a science communication practitioner. Being part of a small organization with big impact. Innovating. Busting silos. Connecting.


The distributed COMPASS team, and our board, gathers annually to share our work and plan our future.

I am thrilled about what’s ahead for us at COMPASS.  Over the past fifteen years, we have empowered scientists to help frame and advance societal conversations about important topics like fisheries, ocean acidification, ecosystem services, and wildfire, supporting hundreds of scientists to engage with journalists and policymakers around a variety of environmental topics, training thousands of scientists to be better communicators, and working with peers and colleagues to grow a movement that we hope results in more scientists being supported to engage beyond their peers. Building on that strong foundation, we are excited for our future efforts. We will continue to empower scientists to contribute to society’s conversations about how people and environment can flourish together. We are poised to expand our capacity; our efforts will evolve and we will pioneer new approaches to our work. We will continue to be relentless champions for scientists, working to help them be supported in their efforts to communicate and engage.

We have a lot of work to do, and are looking for more people to join our team and help us realize the change we want to see in the world: more scientists effectively engaging in the public discourse about the environment. We seek a number of capacities, and are moving into new areas of work. If you care about science, communication, and environment, and want to answer “my teammates and my work” when people ask you why you love your job – then we want to know about you.

Check out our careers page for more about what we’re looking for, what it takes to work at COMPASS, and how to apply. We can’t wait to hear from you.