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As we’ve shared here, we are excited, energetic, (and a little bit nervous) to be expanding our traditional scope beyond ocean science, to science and scientists more broadly connected to the relationship between people and planet. We spent the better part of 2012 interviewing, researching, and digging into what we have done already and how the COMPASS approach could apply more broadly.

In our exploratory conversations with leaders from science, government, NGOs, and the media world, we received – often unsolicited – feedback on potential connections between scientists and the business community. “That is where the really transformative stuff happens,” we heard.

This message resonated with us. A changing climate, water supply, or weather system can affect business processes and decisions, and of course, bottom lines. Forbes recently reported on how businesses can be more resilient to climate change – and how taking these steps also represent good business decisions. We recognize that it’s time for us to look into whether we have a role at the boundary between science and business.

COMPASS is looking for a savvy MBA student to join our team for a summer fellowship. Artwork from HikingArtist.com via Flickr

COMPASS is looking for a savvy MBA student to join our team for a summer fellowship.
Artwork from HikingArtist.com via Flickr

So, how can COMPASS, an organization of boundary individuals with expertise and connections in the cultures of science, policy and the media, also expand to bridge the divide into the culture of business?

Enter: MBA Nonprofit Connection, a program that helps business school students and nonprofits connect with each other. With the generous support of the Packard Foundation, MBA Nonprofit Connection offers fellowships for a handful of business school students to work with a nonprofit for a summer fellowship (and to help nonprofits be more competitive with summer employment offers from Wall Street).

COMPASS currently has a job announcement circulating through the top business schools in the country. We are looking for an MBA student who also has had a foot in the science world to spend the summer with us to help us explore a potential niche for COMPASS at the science-to-business boundary.

We want your help! If you know any MBA students with a science background, let us know ASAP. We’ll plug them into the application process immediately.

About Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith is the Executive Director of COMPASS. She spends a lot of time thinking about the friction - yet incredible need - for science to be closer to society. She is in awe, and appreciative, of the scientists that are paving the way by getting out there and sharing their science, knowledge and insights with the wider world. It motivates her to ensure COMPASS continues to thrive, to support scientists to find their voice, and to join the most relevant conversations.

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