We Mean Business

COMPASS is looking for a savvy MBA student to join our team for a summer fellowship.

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As we’ve shared here, we are excited, energetic, (and a little bit nervous) to be expanding our traditional scope beyond ocean science, to science and scientists more broadly connected to the relationship between people and planet. We spent the better part of 2012 interviewing, researching, and digging into what we have done already and how the COMPASS approach could apply more broadly.

In our exploratory conversations with leaders from science, government, NGOs, and the media world, we received – often unsolicited – feedback on potential connections between scientists and the business community. “That is where the really transformative stuff happens,” we heard.

This message resonated with us. A changing climate, water supply, or weather system can affect business processes and decisions, and of course, bottom lines. Forbes recently reported on how businesses can be more resilient to climate change – and how taking these steps also represent good business decisions. We recognize that it’s time for us to look into whether we have a role at the boundary between science and business. [Read more…]

Navigating Forks In The Science Career Road

Sometimes the relationship between advisor and student is more similar to parent/child than student/teacher. To leave the path of straight academia that the advisor chose for themselves can be alienating.

The realization that I might not want a traditional career in academic science started as a slight nagging feeling that wouldn’t go away. I didn’t want it to be true. After all, I had already invested so much in academia. And, more importantly, many eminent scientists throughout my undergraduate and graduate training had already invested so much in me. How could I let them down? [Read more…]

1/25/13 Link Round-up

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Following Monday’s Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC, it certainly feels like change is in the air. It’s been a week of announcements regarding our country’s changing leadership and continuing challenges in ushering through the 2014 budget – a process that Policy Outreach Director Chad English reminds us in his blog post this week is neither simple nor easy to follow. [Read more…]

Finding The Science Signal In The Budget Noise

Flying Money

Most of us have had our fill of the “fiscal cliff,” are glad that we’re (technically) past it, but dread the next round of this fiercely political debate. In the midst of this – in two weeks time – the President is supposed to present his proposed budget to Congress and the next federal budget cycle will start. That’s been delayed, but not likely by more than a few weeks. Most people who don’t live inside the Beltway are blissfully ignorant of this incredibly complex and sometimes convoluted process, although it can have real bearing on their lives. In addition to the obvious implications for science funding, scientific conferences are reportedly feeling the direct effects of federal budget limits. After eight years inside the Beltway, I still learn something new about the federal budget every year. [Read more…]

1/18/13 Link Round-Up

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Is January turning into the busiest month on record for everyone, or just COMPASS and those we interact with? There are so many exciting meetings and events on the horizon it’s hard to keep everything straight! In our moments of needing a breather, here are a few of the links, postings, and other articles that we followed this week: [Read more…]

Jumping Into The Flames: A Marine Ecologist At A Fire Ecology Conference?

Fire ecology, while very different from marine ecology, has COMPASS' Director of Science, Karen McLeod, all fired up!

I’m in a very familiar place – Portland’s Oregon Convention Center – but drowning in a sea of alien acronyms. In literally every talk (and even at meals!), I’m bombarded by them: FARSITE, FEIS, FLAMMAP, FOFEM, FVS, GYE, IFTDSS, WFAT, WFDS, and my new favorite, WUI (pronounced, woo-ee), or the Wildland Urban Interface. I’m definitely the only marine ecologist here at the International Fire Ecology and Management Congress… at least it’s (sometimes) a useful conversation starter.

[Read more…]

1/10/13 Link Round-up

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Welcome to this week’s link round-up! COMPASS has been busy collecting some interesting news articles and posts that run the gamut from climate change to teaching, photography to dinner table conversation. [Read more…]

Resolving To Say ‘No’ To Get ‘Yes’

Sometimes it takes saying 'no' to get to 'yes.' Photo via cpalmieri on Flickr.

Every year my husband and I spend New Year’s dinner talking about our previous year: What were our goals, our highlights, how did we do? In addition to patting myself on the back for successfully getting to Pilates classes more regularly, I also found myself proudly recounting COMPASS’ evolution this year. COMPASS’ goal for 2012 was to explore the possibilities of expanding our communications savoir-faire beyond ocean science, to develop a plan and roadmap for what this might look like. We all felt excited and energized at this potential but we also felt some angst and trepidation. But now, a year out, we can look back and say we’ve come a long, long way and have successfully defined and aligned behind a vision of what our future looks like. And, with all of 2013 in front of us, our next goal is equally one-part thrilling and one-part daunting: retool our organization and expand our capacity to achieve this new vision. [Read more…]

1/4/13 Link Round-Up

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Happy New Year! We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that you feel ready to take on 2013. The New Year marks a period in most people’s lives where they hope to make changes, do things differently, or conquer previous roadblocks. In the link round-up this week, we have a few examples of how things are changing, ideas for resolutions, and more. [Read more…]